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Continious struggle...

In order to maintain all the lands that its precessor once controlled, Byzantium had to put all its forces in one direction : to defend. Roman army's only goal was to conquer. On the contrary, Byzantine army was in a decisive position. Barbarians from all over saw a great opportunity in the Byzantium, due to its richness and fertility.

Byzantine Army took several foms during its long history - from Roman legions to feudal armies in the late Middle Ages. Because of its position, the Empire had to maintain strong and large fleet in order to control the seas. The most important of all was the Mediteranean sea because it has been the central communication and trade line between distant Byzantine provinces.

Byzantine army

the Byzantine Army - Στράτευμα

Byzantine seas

Byzantine seas
  • Important Byzantine ports during centuries
  • Commercial fleet

Military position during centuries




Byzantine Army and the seas

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