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Secular, Domestic and spiritual life of Byzantium - Ρωμαϊα

Everyday life of an Emperor

These pages present common life of emperors, citizens, and peasants in the state. Here You can read on customs and beliefs - like astrology which was common in Byzantium in that time.

Vasilevs (the Emperor)

life of an Emperor (Vasilevs)

Life in the family

  • family names
  • family life
  • engagement and marriage
  • family possessions

Intellectual life

On these pages You will be able to read about Intellectual life in Imperia. Themes like literacy, literal language and common language (still actual in Greek today), rhetorics, historiography, hagiography, poetry, roots and origins of Byzantine art and retrospective of its development.

Art and literacy

  • Byzantine literacy
  • Poetry
  • Philosophy and sciences
  • Education
  • Origins of Byzantine art
  • Expansion of Byzantine art


Byzantine Society and Culture

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