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Free Fonts for download

FONTS for download (NB Movement)

Polytonic GREEK fonts

ZIP archive, 57 KB

instructions on installing fonts

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Name: Neobyzantine font (Unicode)

Charsets: Arabic, Armenian, Cyrilic charset (Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian), English, Greek

windows versionWindows versions

Windows TTF, ZIP archive (138 KB)

Mac versionMacintosh versions

Mac ABC , ZIP archive (120 KB)

Linux programsLinux / UNIX versions

format TTF, ZIP archive (196 KB)

sample - click to start download
Neobyzantine font preview

Highly recommended

Byzantine fonts NB-Byzantine (Greek/English)

ZIP archive, 9 KB

Small caps are in English, while large caps are in Greek. numbers and special characters are non exist at the moment. No punctuation symbols nor digits present.

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Byzantine fonts UB-BYZANTINE (Greek)

ZIP archive, 90 KB

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Sveti_Nikola font (Serbian Cyrillic)

ZIP archive, 24 KB

sample - click to start download

Studenica font (Serbian Cyrillic)

ZIP archive, 28 KB

sample - click to start download

Miroslavljeva_Cirilica font (Serbian Cyrillic)

ZIP archive, 15 KB

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These fonts are all free for download and use, and if you have any questions, contact us by mail, and put "NBWS-help" into Subject body of the message.



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